2024 2nd term

Greetings to Our Dedicated Teaching Community,

This term’s program is meticulously designed to not only augment your teaching skills but also to integrate innovative techniques in educational resource creation and data analysis.

My Point

Embracing Innovation and Excellence in Education

Our focus this term is twofold: mastering the creative potential of Canva for educational content and delving into the impactful world of data analysis through AI. These skills are pivotal in shaping the future of our educational landscape, enabling us to provide a more engaging and personalized learning experience for our students.

Our Journey Through the Term:

  • Weeks 1-12: A carefully structured program alternating between Canva design and data analysis, ensuring a holistic skill development approach.

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Each week introduces a new aspect of Canva or data analysis, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

  • Peer Collaboration and Support: Engage in discussions, share ideas, and learn collaboratively with your peers throughout the term.

  • Expert-Led Sessions: Gain insights from experienced professionals and educators in the fields of design and data analysis

Special Announcement: Assessment and Course Completion

  • Assessment Link: After each course, an assessment link will be provided. It is crucial that all teachers complete these assessments.
  • Purpose: These assessments are designed to gauge your understanding, provide insights for improvement, and ensure the effective application of newly acquired skills.
  • Course Completion: Completion of these assessments is mandatory for the successful completion of the CPD program.

Module List and Objectives


  1. Module: Introduction to Canva – Basics and Interface Navigation

    • Objective: To familiarize teachers with Canva’s user interface and basic functionalities, enabling them to begin creating digital educational resources.
  2. Module: Basics of Data Analysis – Using Data to Create Lesson Plans

    • Objective: To equip teachers with the foundational skills of data analysis for developing informed and effective lesson plans.
  3. Module: How to Create a Worksheet

    • Objective: To develop teachers’ ability to design engaging and educational worksheets using Canva, emphasizing creativity and content relevance.
  4. Module: How to Analyze Student Results

    • Objective: To train teachers in analyzing student results, enabling them to identify learning gaps and adapt their teaching strategies accordingly.
  5. Module: Advanced Canva Techniques – Interactive Elements and Advanced Tools

    • Objective: To advance teachers’ proficiency in Canva by exploring interactive elements and advanced design tools for creating more dynamic educational materials.
  6. Module: Practical Data Analysis – Analyzing Student Performance Data

    • Objective: To enhance teachers’ practical skills in data analysis, focusing on interpreting student performance data to improve educational outcomes.
  7. Module: Creating Engaging Resources with Canva – Designing Workbooks

    • Objective: To enable teachers to create comprehensive and interactive workbooks using Canva, aiming to foster an engaging learning environment.
  8. Module: Using AI for Personalized Learning – Tailoring Learning Experiences with Data

    • Objective: To introduce teachers to the application of AI in education, particularly in personalizing learning experiences based on data analysis.
  9. Module: Animation and Video Making in Canva – Enhancing Educational Content

    • Objective: To teach teachers how to create educational animations and videos in Canva, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of their teaching content.
  10. Module: Advanced Data Analysis Techniques – Deeper Insights into Student Learning Patterns

    • Objective: To provide teachers with advanced data analysis skills, enabling them to gain deeper insights into student learning patterns and needs.
  11. Module: Canva for Presentations

    • Objective: To develop teachers’ skills in using Canva for creating visually appealing and informative presentations for classroom and professional use.
  12. Module: Reporting and Communication – Translating Data Analysis into Reports

    • Objective: To equip teachers with the ability to effectively communicate and report data analysis findings, aiding decision-making and stakeholder communication.