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Transformative Teaching: Inspiring Change and Growth
This course dives deep into the concept of educators as everyday heroes. Through engaging content, interactive discussions, and reflective exercises, participants will explore the profound impact they can make in their classrooms and beyond. The course emphasizes the importance of self-improvement, embracing challenges, and the lasting influence of positive educator-student interactions.
Empowering Educators: Becoming Everyday Heroes in the Classroom
About Lesson

use the link for a mini quiz, this Quiz aimed to evaluate participants’ understanding and reflections on the presentation’s key themes. Through multiple-choice questions, we delved into the video’s message, the role of educators, and the significance of self-improvement and impact in education.

  1. Introduction to the Heroic Educator

    • Exploring the concept of educators as heroes
    • Reflecting on the power and potential of teaching
  2. The Inspirational Video Analysis

    • Watching and dissecting key messages and themes
    • Discussing its relevance to the teaching profession
  3. Embodying Heroism in Education

    • Defining everyday acts of heroism in the classroom
    • Understanding and conquering personal challenges
  4. Self-improvement for Educators

    • Embracing lifelong learning and self-reflection
    • Ensuring personal well-being and continuous professional development
  5. Making a Lasting Impact

    • Interactive segment on personal experiences with influential educators
    • Analyzing the ripple effect of positive educator-student interactions
  6. Call to Action and Commitment

    • Encouraging proactive steps towards positive change
    • Setting personal goals for the upcoming academic year
  7. Group Reflection and Discussion

    • Open forum for sharing insights, questions, and feedback
    • Collaborative brainstorming on implementing learned concepts
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Esther Olajide 5 months ago
Orji Kalu 7 months ago
This is absolutely amazing; it lays the pathway to what lies ahead in the coming academic year; hence, proffering solutions to likely challenges ahead.
Esther Olajide 7 months ago
I can’t but remember my secondary chemistry teacher” Mr Usman”who gave me the fundamentals in chemistry. Care is very important in education. Thank you for this presentation.
Joshua Vincent 8 months ago
Could I have asked for something better? Thanks for the resourcefulness this has blessed me with, ma.
Vivian Iroegbule 8 months ago
Watching that video brought goose bumps all over me. Care cannot not be over emphasized. It further re emphasizes in my heart that teaching is not just an occupation but a vocation ( a calling).I just have no other option than to continuously be a destiny builder and a hero. Thank you Ma for this insightful and thought provoking presentation.
Hakeem Odusanya 8 months ago
An interesting presentation about care.
Immaculata Igweh 8 months ago
I sincerely appreciate my *elementary 1* teacher, Sir Mbaagwu. I still remember the lesson on *IRON* in our daily diet. I still see him stooping behind the local village fire, roasting unripe plantains for us to open and see the iron in it and eat them afterwards. Hmmm! That excitement on our faces as we munched our plantains and laughed with Sir Mbaagwu telling us to eat the iron with respect. RESPECT THE IRON SO IT WON'T BREAK YOU. Thank you so much Mrs Adewuyi for making recall my hero teacher.
Alexander Ekeamadi 8 months ago
Throughout the various stages of my educational journey, I was fortunate enough to encounter educators who consistently demonstrated an exceptional degree of personalised affection and attentiveness. In retrospect, it appears that I may have underestimated the fervour that they possessed during that particular period. However, in the present moment, I revere each and every one of them.
Omoghene Didekemiemo 8 months ago
The video was an eye opener. Never be tired of doing good. The happiness that comes from doing good is worth while.
Adebusuyi Adeyemi 8 months ago
This course is mind blowing! The video was great! It actually made my day. I like the quotable quote: "Being an educator is not just a profession. It is a responsibility, a commitment, and above all, a privilege''. Wow! I key-in to it. Thank you so much ma.
Patience Bozimo 8 months ago
My Biology Teacher made me love the subject.Very interesting class
Patience Bozimo 8 months ago
You put smile in the faces of people when you show them you care
Ololade Akanbi 8 months ago
Thank you Mrs Adewuyi for this insightful teaching. As a non academic staff, it is a stimulant for me to be more cautious about all that goes on around me and not being passive. I cannot forget Mr Aribisala, he was a maths teacher. He took away my fears over the subject and made me to love mathematics by spending extra time with me daily. Looking forward to more of this Ma.
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