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Harnessing Bard AI for Enhanced Teaching and Learning
This lesson introduces educators to the transformative potential of Google Bard AI in classroom settings. Participants will not only learn the basics of setting up Bard AI but also explore hands-on activities demonstrating how Bard AI can aid in creating personalized learning experiences, differentiating instruction, and scaffolding teaching processes. Practical classroom integration strategies will be shared to inspire educators on how to seamlessly infuse Bard AI into their teaching practices for a more engaging and effective learning environment.
Mastering Bard AI: A Journey from Setup to Classroom Integration
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I. Introduction to Bard AI (30 minutes)

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • Overview of Google Bard AI
  • Significance of Bard AI in Education

II. Setting Up Bard AI (30 minutes)

  • Creating a Bard AI Account
  • Navigating Bard AI Interface
  • Essential Bard AI Features

III. Hands-on Bard AI Exploration (30 minutes)

  • Creating Personalized Learning Materials
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Scaffolding Instruction

IV. Classroom Integration Strategies (30 minutes)

  • Planning Lessons with Bard AI
  • Engaging Students with Bard AI Generated Content
  • Evaluating and Providing Feedback using Bard AI
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Omolara Dosunmu 7 months ago
wow! i love the fact that it can solve mathematics and apart from that i can create stories and other interesting things. Welldone sir
Orji Kalu 7 months ago
I'm so impressed with this tool. I will use it for academic project writing.
Mufutau Fadina 7 months ago
This is actually great.
Esther Olajide 7 months ago
Great tools. I want use to pictorial illustration of some topics
Moyinoluwa Ilori 7 months ago
Woah am overwhelmed with the pictures aspect and for the visual learner and good to go thanks Mr Eben
Mary Ijeh 7 months ago
Insightful. I will use it to get hands on activities for 18 months old above and lots more.
Immaculata Igweh 7 months ago
Wow! Wow! This is wonderful. I truly appreciate this course. It is truly bard. Thank you Supreme.
Adebusuyi Adeyemi 7 months ago
Wow! This course is really Bard!😄😄 Yes, I can use Bard AI for many things: *To generate lesson plans, lesson notes, images for the lesson, quizzes/assessments for the lesson, etc. * To generate Topics, Contents, resources and references for my Research Projects and Thesis. *I can also use it (in conjunction with Canva) to write and publish books. Thank you for this course.
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