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Micro and Nano Learning
The course delves into the concept of micro and nano learning, highlighting their importance in modern education. It explores how breaking down curriculum content into digestible, bite-sized pieces can significantly enhance student understanding and retention. The course also examines theoretical frameworks supporting these methods and provides practical strategies for integrating them into classroom teaching.
Mastering Micro and Nano Learning
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This lesson focuses on understanding and applying the concepts of micro and nano learning within the K-12 education space. It covers the critical roles these learning strategies play in the age of artificial intelligence and how they can be incorporated into lesson delivery for more effective educational outcomes.

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Adebusuyi Adeyemi 6 months ago
What an insightful session! I learned that Micro and Nano Learning is the approach to curriculum delivery in which the curriculum content or concept is delivered to learners in bite-sized (chunks) quantities. Thank you Mr. EBEN for bringing this impactful lesson from APEN Conference to our doorsteps...
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